Universal Task Sequence Import - SCCM Task Sequence with a GUI

Previously I put together a how to on building a SCCM Task Sequence that allows you to choose what image file and software is applied to a computer and perform a few other tasks. Its good to know how to do the process from scratch but with how long the process of building your own Universal Task Sequence is I decided to export the TS to that you can import it into your own environment and customize it as you need to. You can download the TS from HERE, it can take some time to download its about 8gb. So start it off and go get some coffee.

Once the file is downloaded unzip the file and copy the content to the where you keep your SCCM content files (Should be a UniversalTaskSequence_x64_files folder and a UniversalTaskSequence_x64.zip file) .

Open your SCCM Console and navigate to Software Library > Operating Systems > Task Sequence and along the top ribbon you will see Import Task Sequence from there browse to where you put UniversalTaskSequence_x64.zip.

Once the TS is imported it should look like this. Note the Driver task, they may not work correctly since only the driver package gets exported but I wanted to include them as examples of how you can configure your own driver packs.

The TS is setup to give options for Windows 10 and Windows 7. You can configure it to user whatever images you want as long as they are all 64 bit image files, if you need a 32 bit image you need to create the TS from the 32 bit example files in the TS setup post.

If you modify any of the Packages you need to update the content on the DP before you will see the changes in the TS


  1. Link to download Task sequence not working can you share?


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