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Script - Add Computer to SCCM Collection

This is a updated version of my Add Device to SCCM Collection script. This version allows you to enter your site code and site server to import the powershell modules directly from the server. If you want to bypass the form to enter your site info you can specify your site server and site code as a parameter. I have also added a parameter to filter what collection show in the dropdown box. <# .SYNOPSIS This script is used to add a computer to a SCCM Collection .DESCRIPTION The Script will launch a GUI that will allow you to choose a collection then type the computer name you want to add to that collection .EXAMPLE ACTSC.ps1 -SiteServer ServerName -SiteCode MSN Add valuses to $SiteServer and $SiteCode if you do not want to use the Site Info Form. .EXAMPLE ACTSC.ps1 -Filter "Win7*" Replace the filter parameter to only show specific collections .NOTES Created By: Kris Gross Contact: .LINK #> Param( $SiteServer, $SiteCode, $Fil