PowerCopy Version

Announcing update for PowerCopy, This editions only has 2 changes but they are big changes. We have fixed a issue that caused PowerCopy to be flagged as malicious by some Anti-Virus software and we have updated the GUI to a more modern look. to get this update click HERE or head over to to get other software.

Create a PowerShell GUI Using WPF Forms

Over at our MosaicMK Software Blog we have posed how you can create a PowerShell GUI using WPF Forms and Visual Studio. Applications created with this method even work in WinPE and are easy to create. Head over to our blog to check out this method.

PEBuilder v 5

Announcing PEBuilder V 5 full release

PEBuilder V 5 Beta

Its been a while since I have put out a update for PEBuilder. Since it has been so long I wanted to put out a beta for the new version.

One of the first things you will notice is a difference in the interface.  The interface has been updated to a flat style and color has been added to help identify available options. You will also notice a new tool bar across the top from there you ca gather into about the version of PEbuilder you are using, Get help on the application or donate. In a future release I hope to add a save and import config option allowing settings to be saved.

On the back end of the code I have updated the ISO build process to work more efficiently and I have added a different PSProfile that will always load when you add powershell to the image. This is to ensure that some fixes that need to be applied to the Image happen each time. You can still add your own profile the only difference is the name of the file. I have also added a few modules that will be added to the i…

Windows 10 Setup Script - Version

I have just released a new version of my windows 10 setup script.

If you are unfamiliar with the script, the script is designed to be used in a SCCM task sequence to clean up a Windows 10 image during the deployment steps. The script can be used to remove built in windows 10 apps,Export a Custome Start Menu config file,Import a default start menu config file, Disable OneDrive, Disbale Cortana, Disable Hibernate, Join a workstation to a domain, Rename the workstation, Set the page file size, Disable Windows Tips, Disable the Consumer experience and Disable the Xbox Services.
Even tho the script is designed to work in SCCM it can be used on the image before you have deployed the computer.

You can get the script from here

For more information on how to use the script in a SCCM TS

 Othere tools can be found here

CSVViewer Version

Announcing the release of CSVViewer Version CSVViewer has been updated with 2 new features, you can now run the exe from the command line to directly open a csv file or to specify the default path for the browse for file window.

you can get more information and downloads the application from