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Shadow Copy Handling Module

PowerShell Module to create, delete and mount a Volume Shadow Copy. Not only can you manage shadow copies on a device but it also tells you the status of the shadow copy and where the shadow copy is mounted to. Installation  ShadowCopyHandling can be installed by either running Install-Module -Name ShadowCopyHandling or by downloading the package directly from Commands Get-ShadowCopy  Shows information about all shadow copies on the system New-ShadowCopy Create a Shadow Copy for a volume Mount-ShadowCopy Mounts a specified shadow copy to a symbolic link Dismount-ShadowCopy  Dismounts a specified shadow copy from a symbolic link Remove-ShadowCopy  deletes a specified shadow copy from the system

Message Handling - V 1.0.0

 Message Handling is PowerShell Module designed to write a message to a log file, Event log or PowerShell host window and provide the ability to perform a task based on the message type. The Module can be imported and will provide a Write-Message function. The Write-Message function can also be used as a standalone PowerShell script. The idea of the Write-Message command is to write an Error, Warning, Information or Success message to a desired forum and perform an action based on the message type. The module is designed to be flexible to fit most needs. To perform an action based on the message type there are 4 internal functions Invoke-Error, Invoke-Warning, Invoke-information and Invoke-SuccessAudit. Code can be added to each function to additions task will be performed when a message of that type is written. The command requires that at least one of the write parameters (WriteLog, WriteEvent, WriteToHost) is specified for the script to actually do anything. Each will wr

ISO2USB - Version 2.2.7

We have updated iso2usb to version 2.2.7. In this edition we have optimizes the GUI and added a few quality of life changes such as making the burn button the default button (hitting enter will count as clicking the button). With this release we have created a system installer for iso2usb so you can install the software right on your device but don't worry the portable version is still available. iso2usb can be downloaded from the software page here.