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Manually Fixing a Broken Client

Just because the client is installed doesn't mean it is working correctly. When you notice a device isn't reporting back correctly. There are a few things to look at first in your configuration manger console. Go to the client and look at the client activity if any of your scans or request are more then a week old that is a good indication the client is have an issue with either connection to the server or running these actions Next go to log into the client and go to Control Panel > System and Security > Configuration Manager and on the actions tab and run the Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle, Software update Scan Cycle and the Hardware Inventory Cycle. Try to wait a few moments between each action running one right after the other can cause the client to stop one action an run another. If you get an error on any of these actions uninstall the SCCM client and reinstall it. last on the client having the issue open powershell as an admi