PowerCopy 4.0.0

 Just recently I released the newest version of PowerCopy. This is the first complete redo of the application fixing various bugs, adding new features,s and optimizing the application. 


  1. Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow for multiple exclusions 
  2. Fixed a bug that would stop all instances of robocopy when you click the stop button in PowerCopy 
  3. Added a feature to change how PowerCopy will over wite files and folders that are already present in the destination 
  4. Added a progress bar for the overall progress of the job and a progress bar that shows the status of the current object that is being copied 
  5. Added an option to use backup mode so files in use can be copied 
  6. Simplified the output box to show what is being copied 
PowerCopy can be downloaded from the main PowerCopy Page 


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