Latest Software Deployment Scripts

One common issue we face as SCCM Admins is trying to keep common software up to date. Things like Chrome, Firefox, and VSCode always have new updates and maintaining that across Application deployments and Task Sequences can be tricky. I have started to use some script wrappers to help with this. These scripts are able to be packaged up as an application and deployed however you need it to be used. 

I have created 2 scripts for each application, First is the app.ps1 and the second is install.cmd. The app.ps1 script is what does all the heavy lifting, the script will download the latest version and install it as well as find the needed string to run an uninstall command so an uninstall action can be provided in Software Center. The install.cmd script is a simple batch script that executes the ps1 script. I have included this to make it easy to create an application for the script as well as provide a simple way for a technician to run the scripts independently of Software Center or SCCM. If a user would like to check for a new version of the software that can easily be done by running the repair option from the Software Center. This will allow an end-user to update their own software on Applications that you allow. 

To use the scrips simply follow the instructions in the readme file provided with the scripts. The scripts can be downloaded from our GitHub repo here.


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