Windows 10 Setup Script - Version

I have just released a new version of my windows 10 setup script.

If you are unfamiliar with the script, the script is designed to be used in a SCCM task sequence to clean up a Windows 10 image during the deployment steps. The script can be used to remove built in windows 10 apps,Export a Custome Start Menu config file,Import a default start menu config file, Disable OneDrive, Disbale Cortana, Disable Hibernate, Join a workstation to a domain, Rename the workstation, Set the page file size, Disable Windows Tips, Disable the Consumer experience and Disable the Xbox Services.
Even tho the script is designed to work in SCCM it can be used on the image before you have deployed the computer.

You can get the script from here

For more information on how to use the script in a SCCM TS

 Othere tools can be found here


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