PEBuilder Update

Introducing PEBuilder version with the below changes to the Builder gui, script and image
  • Added the ability to have BrowsForFolder .net Support in application, Some application that show a folder list would not always show this was due to a missing dll and registry keys in WinPE
    • Added a copy function to the PEbuilder script to copy the needed dll
    • Added a few lines to the  PowerShell Profile to add the needed keys these keys are not accessible when the image is offline so you must load them on each startup 
  • Added a add addition components button that allows you to add more components then the presets for PowerShell and Bitlocker. 
  • Fixed  a issue that would stop the image from being dismounted if another image was already mounted
  • Reworked the process to save to a iso file
    • You can now choose the location you want the iso to be save to 
    • If the file already exist it will save the file with a number increment 
  • Fixed a issue that prevented ProduKey from launching with its run command
  • Added my CSV Viewer application 
  • Added my CopyTool application
  • Added my Disk Command application

Download PEBuilder


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