Advanced SCCM Install Wrapper Scripts

SCCM is able to do a lot but sometimes you need to sometimes you need to Install software uninstall the old version move some config files then remove a old shortcut and this all needs to be done as an application deployment. By default SCCM isn't able to handle all of that as an application deployment so you will need a scrip to do it. A while ago I was given a scrip that dose all of that and more the script was old and not all parts of it functioned  so I doctored it up and made it a little more user friendly. The scrip is called Install-Wrapper.ps1 is very easy to use. 

You can get all the scripts from HERE

To start enter the appropriate information under Software Information

and uncommnet the actions you want to run.

Then in SCCM create an Application for the script and for the install parameter enter.

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoProfile  -File Install-Wrapper.ps1

The msi file should also be in the same folder as the script.

If you need to deploy multiple applications with the script you can use the Multi-Install script.

Create a Install-Wrapper script for each application you need to install then enter the name of the script for the $Installs variable.

 Then you can set the $ExitOnFail variable if you want the install to stop if any of the other scripts fail

If the Multi-Install script is used you will want to use the Uninstall-Wrapper.ps1 for the uninstall parameter of the SCCM Application.

To set the script up enter the Application IDs of the applications you want to uninstall

You can get all the scripts from my GitHub


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