Windows 10 Task Sequence


  1. Great guide, works perfectly on the UEFI part!

  2. section 7. I think for Windows (Recovery) partition you need 100% of remaining disk space. You type 1%.

  3. Yep you are right but I recently have changed this a little but have not updated the documentation yet, Change the order do so the recovery partition is first and keep it it at 1% then create your os partition having it use 100% of the remaining drive.

  4. Hi, I keep gettting this error 0x80070490

  5. Just as a heads up... If you use MDT instead of SCCM, you literally disable one step in the deployment task sequence and it works like a charm. The "Format Partition Disk (BIOS)" step, which is found under the Preinstall>New Computer Only group just needs to be disabled.

    And if for some reason that doesn't work, this article illustrates how to disable both those steps and create a new one:

    I'm not trying to sway anyone one way or the other. I've just always been an MDT guy instead of SCCM. I don't know if there is a similar step in the TS within SCCM but thought I'd throw it out there.

    Best of luck either way! Hope these tidbits help!

  6. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have been working on this for two weeks with fail after fail until I found this article. We are about to order 51 computers that are UEFI boot only. This article saved the day.


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