Test an Application Install localy

If an Application deployment keeps failing it can be helpful to try running the install directly on the local device. This can tell you weather or not you have the syntax correct for they Application since the base content is not always the same and many application venders have proprietary switches for there installers.

For this example I will be using the installer for Blue Beam PDF Editor.

1. I need to find where SCCM has put the install files. I can do that by reviewing the AppEnforce.log* file with cmtrace.exe*, The AppEnforce.log file can be found at C:\Windows\ccm\logs on the device you are having problems with.

2. When looking though the log I want to find where the log references my software by finding the below line.

Take note of the text to the right of Prepared command line: since that is what you will want to run on the local system.

3. Now that I know I'm looking at right section in the log file I want to find the directory that the software was downloaded to by finding the below in the log file

4. Now that I have the working directory I will open a command prompt and navigate to the working
directory and run the command from step 2.


Cmtrace: If you need to get cmtrace you can find it in your site share on your site server under the tools folder.

AppEnforce.log: This log tells the process that was taken during the install of an Application.You can sometimes tell what went wrong by just examining this log. If your Application is not listed in this log then either your application is not distributed to a DP accessible by the client or it is not an Application.


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