Script - Win10Setup - V1.0.0.1

With Microsoft pushing us more and more to Windows 10 it is becoming necessary for use to look deeper into customizing a Windows 10 base image. One of the biggest challenges I faced was to remove some of the built in Windows Apps such as OneNote and Mail. Some of these apps can cause issues for the end use or just make software complicacy a nightmare. Through out trial and error I came up with my Win10Setup script. The script is intended to be used in a SCCM task sequence or in a MDT task sequence. However you can run the script independently on the system you want to configure.

How It Works

The script is a PowerShell script that looks to a text file for what apps you want to be removed. The script defaults to AppsToremove.txt but can be pointed to any text file by using the Apps parameter you can specify a different file. The script will also import a xml file used to set a default layout of the start menu for all new users, to use this feature you must use the StartMenuLayout parameter.
You may get some errors saying the package cannot be found. If you do review your list and compare to what you see in the start menu.

If you want to use my own complete version use THIS LINK.

It will uninstall 3D Builder, Mail, Get Started, Skype, Feed Back, Solitaire, OneNote, Sway, Twitter, Xbox, News, People and Messaging. It will also import a config to remove everything from the start menu place Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox all on the start menu.

Main Script




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