Create the System Management Container

Create the System Management Container  

As a part of installing SCCM you need to create the System Management Container. Below is how you can do that manually.

1. Log in to your Domain Controller with a Domain Administrator Account
2. Open Server Manager click on Tools and find ADSI Edit

3. Click Action > Connect to
4. Click the radial "Select or type a domain or server" under Computer
5. Type the FQDN of your Domain Controller and click ok

6. Expand the Domain and Right click on CN=System and click New then Object

7. In the Create Object box select Container then click next

8. In the Value box type System Management then click next and finish
9. Right click on the container you just create and click properties
10. Go to the security tab and click Add
11. Under object types add computers
12. Add all servers you created for your SCCM environment and grant them full control.
12. Click apply then OK you are now done with adding the System Management Container

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