Build a custom Windows PE disk with a easy to use GUI interface. PEBuilder is an application that allows you to build a PE image the way you want it. You can enable PowerShell and other components with a simple click of a check box. You can also add your own compatible application right to the image. The tool is simply a GUI over top of my PEBuilder PowerShell script. That way if you still would prefer to use the PowerShell script you can do so.

Below is a list of applications that will by default be added to the Windows PE image. You can remove these from the GUI or add your own. Just click add app and point to the containing folder. 

 What Application are included

The install comes with files needed to build my own rescue disk. You can use these files as a template to create your own.

PowerShell support 

If you add PowerShell it will work just like any other PowerShell console though it will not load a user profile that is why the add PowerShell profile script is in the profile.ps1 format.

Bitlocker support

When you add bitlocker support the corresponding PE components get added to the image. Part if these components should be the addition of the mangae-bde.exe tool this exe is what allowes you to interact with a encrypted decice. However the tools resource files do not get added to the image by default. To resolve this I have the PEBuilder copy the needed files from the device the image is being built on. The draw back is that the OS you are building on needs to match the PE image architecture. So if you are building a x86 PE image, to add bitlocker support you need to be building on a x86 OS. 

PEBuilder Change log

  • Added a GUI overlay to the PEBuilder PowerShell script 
  • Added options to enable Bitlocker Support
    • There is an error in the required files being added the image from Microsoft. To fix this I have made it so the script copies the files from the build computer the mounted image file.  
  • Various switch parameters have been changed to strings  
  • Packaged PEBuilder into a proper installer

PERescue Image Change log

  • Add a Show-Help function 
    • when you enter Show-Help you will see what commands have been added with the PowerShell profile 
  • Added Support or bitlocker by using mange-bde.exe from X:\windows\Bitlocker

  • Removed recuva until something can be found that will work in WinPE
  • Added a PowerShell profile that will inclused functions to run the build in tools
    • To use a tool like cmtrace type Run-CmTrace
  • Added a function to backup files to a zip file archive 
    • Backup-ToZip -Target <whattobackup> -Destination <backupfile>
  • Added a function to securely wipe a drive 
    • Wipe-Drive -Drive E
  • Removed the launch batch files in place of PowerShell profile functions
  • Moved built in apps to an apps directory located on the root of the system drive
  • Added the Apply-Image command to install a windows wim file on a computer

PEBuilder Requirements

PowerShell 5
.NET Framework
Windows ADK 1709 - Will install when you fist build a Image


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